It's easier to find a job in IT with us
Why is it so difficult to find a job abroad ?
When you, as a new immigrant, enter the thorny path of job search, for companies you are a blank slate without experience and knowledge of the specifics of the market.
The Israeli labor market is highly competitive, let's figure out how you don't lose points in this game.

In this case, you will be assisted by a well-written CV, this is a mirror of your soul and a linkedin profile. Finding a job in Israel will not be easy, so I suggest you treat this process like a game. Where, stage by stage, you will pass the levels and earn points, lose and find the strength to insert and move on, and eventually meet the final interview as the main boss and find the abot of your dreams.

You will get a lot of refusals and perhaps your self-esteem may suffer, the main thing is not to give up, as they say, the way will be mastered by the one going. If you understand that you are burning out from constant responses, do not want to open the mail so as not to see "we have decided to move forward with other candidates", I think that those who have already started the job search process have very often met with this message. Then be sure to give yourself a break, explore new places, meet friends or meet new people and return to battle with renewed vigor. Yes, the advice is not new, but it is effective.

And another very important tip when looking for a job, do not forget about your education, read books and watch videos on your specialty, knowledge will add confidence to your interview. And confidence is all half of the victory, if you don't believe in yourself, then no one will believe in you!
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