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Can I count on Israeli citizenship ?

Shalom, let's figure it out.
There are only a few ways to get Israeli citizenship. It can be obtained under the law of return, that is, there are Jews in your family or you can make a giyur. We will not consider other ways of marrying a Jew in this article.

The law on the return. This law was founded in 1950. and it is fundamental on the issues of repatriation. The Law on Return provides for granting every Jew who wants to move to Israel the status of an Israeli citizen and the issuance of a certificate of a new repatriate.

To obtain citizenship, you must be:
a Halakhic Jew – a person born from a Jewish mother.
children of Jews (so-called “Jews on the paternal side”)
Grandchildren of Jews (third generation).
The law applies equally to all spouses – wives of Jews, husbands of Jews, children and grandchildren of Jews. Even Jewish widows and widowers of Jewish women, children and grandchildren of Jews can apply for repatriation to Israel.
To determine the degree of distance from the Jewish ancestor, it is also important to take into account the laws of halakha.
That is, if your great-grandmother is Jewish and she gave birth to a grandmother, and your mother was born from your grandmother, then if you are a man, you are a Jew, 1st generation. The countdown always comes from a Jewish woman, she is always the 0th generation.

Sounds pretty complicated?
Let's look at the family tree of a person who is eligible for repatriation, look at the diagram below.
If at least one of your relatives is green, then hooray, hooray, you are Jewish and you can apply for citizenship.
Are you still with us? Then let's talk about how to make Aliyah.

First of all, you need to collect all the documents that will prove kinship with Jewish ancestors. In this case, as they say, more is not less.
You will need the following documents, only originals are accepted :

1) Birth certificate
Yours, your significant other (even if he is not Jewish) and all the children who are repatriated with you.

2) Certificates of marital status
For single and unmarried, you will need a form about the absence of marital status. In the Russian Federation , this is form 15 . In Ukraine, this is an application from a notary or a consul.
2.2) If you are married, then you definitely need to provide a marriage certificate and it is desirable that the marriage is more than a year old or otherwise you will have to undergo a stupro procedure. If one of the couple does not have the right to repatriation, be sure to get a certificate that the marriage has not been dissolved In the Russian Federation, this is form 5, in Ukraine it is a stretch.
2.3) If you are divorced, then both the divorce certificate and Form 6 for the Russian Federation are drawn out for citizens of Ukraine (both the registration date and the date of divorce are visible there).

3) Documents proving kinship with a Jew
If you are the son or grandson of a Jew, you must have proof of the date of marriage of your parents (grandparents).
If your Jewishness is in the male line, then it is necessary to confirm the fact of conception in marriage.
If the parents (grandparents) are divorced and there is no way to provide a marriage certificate, take Form 6 (for citizens of the Russian Federation) or vytyag (for citizens of Ukraine).
3.1) You are the third generation
Grandchildren and granddaughters of a Jew. Confirmation of the fact that the great-grandmother is Jewish is mandatory.
Here, a birth certificate, a death certificate, an evacuation certificate, and extracts from personal files will be used. There is no single formula, the main thing is to prove that the great-grandmother is Jewish.

  1. Let's take a look at Sarah's family tree. Her great-grandmother is Jewish on her mother's side of the line. (The line is highlighted in green)
  2. To prove the right to repatriation, she will need the following documents, we are considering only a branch from Lena's mother: Lena's
  3. birth certificate
  4. Parents' marriage certificate
  5. Mom's Birth Certificate
  6. Grandparents ' Marriage Certificate ( from Mom 's side )
  7. Grandfather 's birth Certificate
  8. Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandfather's marriage certificate
  9. Great-Grandmother's birth certificate
Hard, isnt it? Lets make it easier.
Sababa! I have all the necessary documents, I want Teudat Zeut.

Congratulations, the level with the documents has been passed. You have to meet the final boss. An appointment for a Consular check.
Then you will face such enemies as waiting and bureaucracy, in some cases you even have to re-pass the level with the collection of documents and collect something extra.
You can sign up for a consular check in the country of origin or come to be repatriated to Israel.
And get ready to wait, the queue at the time (November 2022) of writing this text in Moscow for about a year, and in Israel for about 1.5 months.
In Israel, in March 2022, rapid repatriation centers were opened to help citizens of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

We will be glad to see you in Israel !
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